Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Amazing!!!! Vampire Academy Review told through PIctures Must SEEE!!!

So I regularly check the Official Vampire Academy Movie page on Facebook and I found an amazing video that is a Vampire Academy Review As Told By Stick Figures!! This was posted by Anna Reads. Visit her blog!

Here is the Blurb she put!

"Vampire Academy Review As Told By Stick Figures

You know how sometimes you love a book so much that written reviews just don't do your feelings justice? And so you're forced to make potentially embarrassing videos to convey your feelings instead?

Oh? No? That's just me? *Shrugs*

My thoughts on the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead, told through stick figure drawings, 'cause...why not?"


  1. Yeah I saw this! It's awesome. Except there is no Adrian!! ;)

  2. That is really cute! And totally true... ;)

  3. Omg! thats so cool and hilarious! Thanks for showing it to me! The series is EPIC! :D

  4. haha thanks for sharing that! That was awesome. I loved it!!