Monday, February 14, 2011

The Mortal Instruments Reread Challenge!

 Elodie from Once upon a Quote, who has an awesome blog by the way, has informed there is this great re-read challenge of The Mortal Instruments.  Im super excited about this because I have really been wanting to reread these books since City of Fallen Angels will be coming out April 5 (the day before my birthday!). On top of being able to re-read the series you will be entered for a chance to win City of Fallen Angels as well. All the details for this challenge can be found at Mary's Blog, since she will be hosting the event.

So excited about this Challenge!

Grab the button Below!


  1. Thanks for entering Melissa ! Your birthday is the day after the release of CoFA ? How awesome !! Thanks for mentionning my blog, you're so sweet !! I really love yours too ;) !! I can't wait to begin the challenge and to talk of the books with you =) !! Jace <3

  2. I think I am going to have to join you in this challenge! This series? Yeah, my fav ever...!

  3. No better day to have a birthday in my opinion! Thanks for sharing, I'll have to check it out, I want to be totally prepared for COFA :):)

  4. Hi :)
    It's Marie from ifmarybooks blog.
    Thanks again for joining The Mortal Instruments re-read challenge.
    I'm really sorry but I can't do this challenge myself :(.
    I'm really busy with college this semester. I've got my final exams in less than two months and I need to study like hell. But also I don't have much time with my job too...
    I thought a month ago that I will have some times to do this re read challenge but I've got so much new YA books to read I can't spend time on re-read certain books.
    And I've taken the desicion to take a little break with my blog at least until my exams are over at the end of April. (I've wrote a post about on my blog !)
    I'm really really sorry and I hope you'll understand :).
    But still I hope you'll have a great time re reading the books if you're still doing it.
    Happy reading !