Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Okay all you Vampire Academy fans I know you are out there... Spirit Bound has been nominated by Children's Book Week (CBC) for book of the year. Now we all know Richelle Mead didn't win at the kind's choice awards which is fine. But we need all the voted we can get for this nomination!!! Richelle Mead said that if she wins this award she will write a short story of Rose & Dimitri visiting his family in Russia... WHAT!!! Yeah that's right the scene we all felt was kinda missing from Last Sacrifice!!!! I for one would love to read this because I am a serious VA Fan and lover of anything Dimitri & Rose SO PLEASE VOTE!!! MULTIPLE TIMES!!! I don't think there's a limit!!!!!


  1. I voted! Even though I haven't read the rest yet, that short story would be interesting.

  2. I'm going to vote like ten times !! I NEED to read this !! =) AWESOME!! That has just made my day ! Super duper happy !!

  3. OMG! a short story of Rose & Dimitri visiting his family in Russia...! That would make my day! Heck, my year! ;)

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