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Review: Mockingjay : Suzanne Collins

Mockingjay: Suzanne Collins
Synopsis: Goodreads
Young Katniss Everdeen has survived the dreaded Hunger Games not once, but twice, but even now she can find no relief. In fact, the dangers seem to be escalating: President Snow has declared an all-out war on Katniss, her family, her friends, and all the oppressed people of District 12. The thrill-packed final installment of Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games trilogy will keep young hearts pounding.
   I don't really care for the covers in this series!
My Review:
     Okay so I have been left once again speechless after reading the last book in the hunger games. I am I don’t even know how to explain…… Okay let’s try from the beginning. I can’t believe district 13 was functioning so fervently. I mean all along they have survived I find that to be crazy.  If you have not read this book and don’t like spoilers don’t read anymore! BTW quick heads up I am writing this after I just finished reading it so my thoughts are jumbled up and there is no rhyme or reason probably more like a rant!
First off Katniss, man was she a traumatized mess in this book. Every other minute she was in the hospital on morphine. I totally understand why, with the way everything ended in book 2. The way they were torturing Peeta OMG, I felt so bad. It was unbearable to see the way he came back and how could barely function. Katniss being the Mockingjay wow. I loved her slogan if we burn you’ll burn with us! That was crazy. I did find the propros kind of annoying after a while and I thought it was bit ridiculous, but hey I guess it’s different world.

I did get one of my wishes, from reading Catching Fire.. I felt in catching fire Prim & Katniss’s relationship was missing there were no sister moments and I got all that in this book! I can’t believe Prim dies!!! I hated that part in the book.. My eyes started tearing up when she was telling Buttercup to go away because Prim was dead. Why did she have to die, I don’t think it was necessary! But I guess that was last straw that made Katniss choose to kill Coin instead of Snow. I wanted to slap the crap from Coin when he was asking them to vote on whether or not to have another Hunger Games. I was like you are kidding me write. Why did Finnick have to die after he finally was able to have his Annie!

One of my other wishes from Catching Fire was more Gale time. Unfortunately that wasn’t given to me the way I wanted. I hated how their relationship just kept going down the crap hole. I knew Katniss was going to end up with Peeta because it was spoiled to me a few months back but I didn’t expect it to happen like that. I really liked Gale from the start and thought they were perfect because they understood each other but I guess that wasn’t enough. I hated how their last conversation ended as well. Without them really knowing if it was his bomb that caused Prim’s death. I felt like they deserved more

Peeta, has grown on me little by little. I do think he’s great for Katniss. He takes care of her in a way no one else. He might not be the strongest and always on the brink of dying but he’s able to save Katniss in different ways. I liked the epilogue of their future together. I thought it was cute and at least ended in a more positive note.

Now my biggest complaint of this book is the plot. For some reason it sucked. I mean the first part of the book is Katniss deciding if she’s going to be the Mockingjay, second part them trying to figure out save Peeta and survive bomb, and last part trying to get to the capitol where Snow is and they don’t even really get there. The last part was the hardest to read. I was really dragging my feet because I didn’t feel there was much progress in the book. I didn’t like how this book was all about war it was sucky no other word. It could have been so much better. Especially on how well written THG & CF .. I was left aghast after CF and I felt cheated with Mockingjay. It just could have been done better. I don’t think it was an appropriate way to end the series. Katniss was pure kickass through books 1 &2 and then she falls completely apart in 3. I just feel like this type of book should have been either made better or should have been the second book in the series. That way the series could have a better ending! Let’s just say if THG & CF were written like this I wouldn’t have continued with the series. I don’t think I would read this book again but I would definitely read the first two in the series. This has been my least favorite.

Okay with all my complaint this book was still good even though there were lots of good people lost. It has an okay ending and let’s face it it’s a dystopian novel so not everything is packaged all pretty with bows and roses. This series has been an epic emotional adventure!


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