Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Okay so I know I been super duper neglectful this month with my blog and reading books! Last week was finals week and today I am actually taking a flight to New York to go on vacation for week!! (A well deserved one at that!) So I will be back next week. I am bringing 5 books to read and I am really hoping I can read about 3 or so!!

You know this blog has been a really funny thing. There would be times I would freak out because I wasn't making regular post ie.. (reviews, memes, commenting on blogs) and I always felt like I was bound to get in trouble. I always felt like there's a blog police out there ready to execute any bloggers that have a blog and aren't using it all the time! I know that sounds ridiculous but that's how I felt when I wouldn't make a post for days. It took me a while to remember it's okay if I can't post regularly because this is suppose to be for FUN!!! I don't have any deadlines ie. (work or school). I can take a break without anyone coming down my neck!!  Either way though I still want to regularly post again I just got figure how to balance it out now that school has ended and I am beginning a new full time internship!

I love all the comments and feedback I get from all the followers, and I am still pretty amazed that there's anyone that remotely interested in what I have to say about the books I read! SO for that I am so thankful and why I want to maintain a great blog for you guys :-)

Be back soon!


  1. Have fun Melissa .. I'm so jealous !! =)

  2. Haha Know the feeling. You feel like you have to do regular blogs, but you don`t.. I sometimes feel like that too :P
    I really think it`s awesome of the guys blogging every day. Credits for that. I can`t. I have so much else in my head. And even though I have nothing to do, sometimes I just can`t blog anyways. So credits to all the bloggers out there :P

    And you have a nice trip ;) Relaxing with some books :) I will keep follow you. Even though you don`t post everyday ;)
    Better write someting good sometimes, then some crap every day :P right :P (though there are many blogs who write good things everyday :P )

  3. Your blog is really cute! *starts following*
    And you're a TMI fan, so this makes you even more awesome. Enjoy you time on New York :D