Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just Wondering Wednesdays *4*

So to participate every week is pretty simple. Every Wednesday I will ask a question about something I am wondering about and all you have to do is answer and use the Mr. Linky I provide. Now if lets say your not really interested in my questions or are maybe wondering some other bookish things that you want to discuss, then your post can be about what your wondering about this week. Simple?? I

So I was wondering which book has made you want to throw it or chuck it across the room because it got such a strong emotion out of you and why? Ex. (Mad, WTF, Sad, NOOOO!)

So far I think there have been two books that have made me want to chuck the book right at the wall. I was so pissed but I couldn't throw it because I had to keep reading.
 Book # 1 Spirit Bound: Richelle Mead
  •  Spoilers if you have not read Spirit Bound!
  • The scene when Adrian and Rose were about to have sex. I was screaming NOOOOOOO! So since I screamed no at the book Rose and Adrian did not have sex. It was worse!! She let Adrian bite her. I was so peeved you would not believe how upset I was at Rose. I know it was a moment of vulnerability but man I was upset. it still gets me all riled up. Especially when she flicked her hair accidentally and Dimitri saw the bite. My heart stopped! 
Book # 2 City of Bones: Cassandra Clare
  • Spoilers if you have not read CoB or CoG
  • How pissed was I when I was rooting for Jace and Clary only to find out they are siblings?  VERY!!!!!! I was so mad Cassandra Clare did this to me. I mean it was the ultimate impossible love. I felt so mad at myself for not guessing it sooner and felt grossed out! But man was I happy when I found out they weren't related because I so wanted them to be together!!!

I would love to hear your thoughts on my question or if you guys have been wondering anything worth discussing?


  1. I want to join this! But I'll do it next week. -.- I'm too busy to do it today. :D Awesome Meme Melissa!

  2. OH MY GOD !! I just felt a little of what I was feeling while reading these two books !!
    I'm definitely Team Dimitri so you can imagine how I felt during this passage ..
    Concerning City of Ashes, I was a bit sceptic about this siblings thing .. I knew Jace and Clary were going to end up together anyway ..

  3. Great Picks!! I know how you felt with both scenes

  4. I wasn't so shocked with the brother-sister thing in City of Bones. I could see that they weren't but I can understand your frustration as I was reading and waiting for this mess to end.