Friday, January 28, 2011

Book Shelf Showcase *1*

This Hosted by Awesomesauce BookClub
BookShelf Show Case is a once a month meme where you can show off your personal book shelf or another book shelf you find really fun or that you love.

- This consist of my favorite series and in order of how I read them. Of course my favorite of all is Vampire Academy I am obsessed in a purely healthy way.
- I would have added the Wings Series but I had limited space but I push it to the top when I get a bigger book shelf

- This is now completely alphabetized by author.
- There a few books in there that I wasn't a fan of but probably try reading again to see if I have a change of heart.
- Or probably won't read them and once I get enough followers I will have a giveaway of sorts if anyone is interested in the books.
- Last nut not least the end of the alphabet; with some of my sisters photo albums.
- I bought the boxed set of Uglies, but when I had originally read the Trilogy the book Extras wasn't out yet.
-So I have that one to read; but before I can read Extras; I need to read the Trilogy to remember what happened in the other 3 books, since I read them about 4 years ago.

Hope you enjoyed my bookshelf, would love to see your shelves!!!


  1. Awesome!! We have a lot of the same books!! I love bookshelves, I am a nut case!! I would have my whole house walls covered in shelves. I made a big deal when we moved I had to buy big bookshelves, mine are in my living room with my tv in the middle. I had to have it somewhere I could see them often.. Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. I love your bookshelf! My favorite posts always include bookshelf tours and those that showcase their bookshelves. Keep the pictures coming as your collection grows ;)

  3. Loving your bookshelf! All in order and stuff! I need more selves myself! I'm just waiting for my dad to get my grandma to lend me one of her rooms in her house for my very own library! That would be awesome! Thanks so much for the comment and all! I shall be watching! Loving all the books you have there. :D I has the same well almost. :D