Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just A Thought

              So I was having a conversation with my boyfriend the other day and he was telling me about this new singing artist that's really good. I can't remember his name right now but my boyfriend was telling me how he was in the same category as Justine Bieber for new artist or something. I noticed that I caught myself doing one of those ughh sound. So I said to my boyfriend, "You know its sad, because when Justin Bieber was just coming out I thought he was good, you know the boy can actually sing. But unfortunetly he has that connotation to his name that whenever you hear it all you can think about are all the pre-teens girls yelling and being obssessed with him". At least that's the way I feel; the reason why I find it sad is because I feel like he's lost like that credibility of being a good artist, and is usually thought of a crazy fad that everyone likes but that there's no talent. (Not sure if you understand what i'm trying to say).

     That made me think even more; and I thought of Twilight. I really enjoyed reading that series. I thought the author was great and fell in love with Edward (from the book). This was before the twilight craze started of course. But now I feel like a lot of people that really like the book generally don't like being associated to twilight because of this Twilight Craze. Usually when you think of twilight now, all people see girls saying I love Taylor Lautner and Rob Pattinson. I mean I follow lots of blogs and love reading reviews but I have noticed very few blogs if any have reviews up for the twilight series. I guess what I am getting at is unfortunetly a lot (because of ignorance) don't want to know about anything with vampire, books, or twilight because they think it dumb; because all they picture is the Twilight Craze. Some of you may disagree  which is fine, we are all entitled to your own opinion. I guess the reason I wanted to post this is because I wanted to know if others felt this way. Like that because of the craze over celebrities, things get ruined. If your reading a paranormal book or watching something with vampire you here "Isn't that just like twilight? ughh". No matter what though I still have a very high opinion of the Twilight books and I stand by them.

The positives from the craze are though that more people have been exposed to reading which is always a plus and why I won't say the Twilights movie ruined everything. I enjoy the movies so don't misunderstand. I just want to here your thoughts and opinions.



  1. I so agree with you on the Twilight scene right now. Whenever I tell someone that I love Twilight their mind goes to the movie and the craziness about the actors that teenage girls have. Me too fell in love with the Edward from the books not the movie. And still love them.
    And true most people will ask you 'is that like twilight?' if you read vampire books.

  2. I agree. I loved twilight then the craze started and the movies began and every time i said i liked it my friend goes "ewww twilight" just because of the craze. I think when people go ga-ga over something, it ruins it for a lot of people because some people (like my friend) don't like to read or watch or listen to a lot of things other people are crazy over. I know Twilight is an amazing series I just wish people wouldn't freak out and be like OMG TAYLOR!, ROB! because taylor and rob aren't jacob and edward, the two boys all of us twilight lovers fell in love with, Taylor and Rob are just acters the wannabe twilight lovers love. Nice post.
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