Friday, January 21, 2011

Review: Dark of the Moon: Rachel Hawthorne

Title: Dark of the Moon
Author: Rachel Hawthorne
Dark Guardian: Book 3
I've loved him forever, but he can never be mine.

BRITTANY is determined to prove herself to the Dark Guardians. And yet she's been keeping a devastating secret: She hasn't experienced any of the intense, early signs of change that mark a Dark Guardian's transformation. The only intense feelings she has are for Connor—and she's kept that a secret, too. But she knows she'll never truly have Connor's love if she's not a Shifter like him.
At the first full moon after her birthday, her greatest fear is realized: She doesn't transform. Brittany is so desperate to become a wolf that she'll go to extremes she never thought possible . . . and put all the Dark Guardians in incredible danger.

   I thought the cover was perfect for Brittany, she has that tough exterior about her.

My Review:
So i think i liked this one the best so far. I wasnt crazy about Brittany in the first two books. but her story was amazing. her determination is similar to Rose from Vampire Academy, wish is something i love. Their determination to be guardians is something I love!

She is so strong and smart and an amazing charcter to read her pov from. This author does an amazing job at wrapping you up into her story in such a limited amount of pages. I felt so bad for Brittany and I knew she was dealing with so much. These books are such a fun and easy light very enjoyable read. But just because it was light does not mean i wasnt flipping through the pages dying to see what would happen next.

Cant wait to read the last book of this series. Definately a must read!!

                                                                                     5 STARS

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