Monday, January 24, 2011

Some Drawings I've Found

So I was totally minding my own business one day, till I went on Official Vampire Academy  Movie Facebook Page and I found some amazing cool drawing that I felt I needed to share. By the way I m obsessed with Vampire Academy and I think you should be too lol!

Here are some of the picks; hope you enjoy.

                                     I  love this picture, I think it's my favorite.


Dimitri, Jill, Eddie, Sydney, Christian


Lissa, Rose, Mia, Mason, Adrian


How many of you guys have pictured 

this while reading VA. I love it!


  1. Oooohhhh! I love the one of Laurel and Tamani! I just finished (re)reading "Wings" and "Spells" and I fell in love with them all over again! And Dimitri and Rose? Well I always love me some of them! I just wish that Jace and Clary had been included in the pictures...

  2. PS. I love your blog so much that I tweeted about it... Hopefully you can get lots of followers!

  3. I wish Jace & Clary were ther too. I have to find the person that drew she did an awesomejob.

    Thanks so much for your support, I love read your blog as well!

  4. I totally pictured that while reading VA - dimitri shirtless over Rose. LOL. im sooo obsessed with him Dx lol :P gnna read wings n spells soon! :)